Lemon Myrtle Tea

Lemon Myrtle Tea

Amazingly healthy, 100% Australian natural lemon myrtle tea

Native to the subtropical rainforests of southeast Queensland Australia, lemon myrtle leaves have found their way onto the shelves of health food shops around the world in the form of lemon myrtle tea. It can be used alone or in combination with green tea as a caffeine free replacement for coffee and black tea. Apart from its distinctive refreshing lemony flavour, there are a lot of health reasons why you would want to drink lemon myrtle tea.

About Lemon Myrtle

The key ingredient in lemon myrtle is the high concentration of citral in its leaves. Citral comprises 90-98% of the essential oils in lemon myrtle, as opposed to less than 10% in lemons and limes. Some of the amazing health benefits of lemon myrtle include:

Packed full of antioxidants to strengthen your immune system

Boosts metabolism to aid with weight loss

Assists in relieving disorders including muscle cramps and spasms, rheumatism, headaches and fevers

Helps with anti-aging through tissue growth, giving healthy glowing skin

Promotes relaxation and stress relief, giving restful nights of sleep

…and many more benefits.

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Lemon Myrtle

Relax and enjoy our very refreshing taste of lemon myrtle. Naturally caffeine free. Made from organic ingredients. Enjoy it hot or cold.

Certified Organic Lemon Myrtle
Place of Origin
AUD $12.00 (40g net)

Lemon Myrtle with Green Tea

Blended lemon myrtle with green tea (Houji-cha), resulting in a tea that is aromatic and displays a smooth toasted flavour. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C.

Certified Organic Lemon Myrtle, Organic Green Tea (Houji-cha)
Place of Origin
AUD $12.00 (40g net)


How to brew:

Hot: Use a teaspoonful of tea for each cup. Pour hot water into a teapot, then allow your tea to steep for 2-3 minutes in hot water (98-99 degrees). Sweeten as desired with added honey or sugar.

Cold: Brew same way as hot tea with double the amount of tea. Place heaps of ice cubes into a pitcher or a glass. Pour the hot tea into the pitcher or the glass at a stretch. Enjoy your refreshing iced tea.

Ice Lemon Myrtle Tea

Lemon Myrtle Tea Leaf

About Us

We are an average family of four, living on the Gold Coast. We are mindful of well-being and are attentive to living a healthy lifestyle. Having a Japanese heritage, drinking herbal tea has always been a big part of my life. And as such I have always been on the look out for something new and different to try. Then I came across lemon myrtle tea. It's rich aroma and taste had me hooked from the first sip. After realizing it also had amazing health benefits, I knew I had to introduce this beautiful beverage to as many like minded tea lovers and people conscious of their health. Since then Chaya was born, and I have been busy ever since selling lemon myrtle tea.

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